Monday, February 28, 2005

Thumb-Nailed #2


I have never been struck by lightning, so I wouldn't know if the old adage of "lightning striking twice is true. I do know for a fact that the "Meat Digit" can make an appearance TWICE in practically the same shot almost 10 years apart.

The above picture are from two separate trip I made to Italy. They are both of the Campanile at Saint Marks Square in Venice, Italy. The first time I was an "amateur" photographer in my sophomore year of high school, when I focused my Kodak Disc camera on the famous tower. When I had gotten my photo back I said "F*ck" never thinking I'd return again..Oh how wrong I was. Fate was just waiting to laugh in my face as I again returned to the motherland 9 years later this time as a "semi-professional photographer" as I had taken my share of art and photography courses. So this time I aimed my Minolta Mini and picked a better point of view and clicked away...I get the photo back and said " FUNGULE!" as my Italian had improved.

So twice, in almost a decade the blurred mass known to the locals as "Numero Della Carne" had nailed me good!

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Baby With A Bite

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The above sketch was a concept of Sunny Boudelaire from the series of children's books called "A Series Of Unfortunate Events"

She is your typical baby except that she had sharp teeth that could bite through just about anything.

Drawing wise I was trying to incorporate a bit of a "Tim Burton-esque" look into my own style.


Tuesday, February 22, 2005

50 Most Important Videogames

Being a member of the game development community, I do place a large cultural and technical impact on videogames. In my life I was never as awed by any "new" washer/dryer, vaccum or even cars and cell phones, as I was when I got a new game system.

The website below has created a list of what they feel are the 50 Most Important Videogames ever made:

I don't know about their #1 choice,( or some others) I personally feel ( even though it wasn't my favorite game ) Pac-Man should be the top, because I mean it was thee game that made videogames a craze. Lunchboxes, T-shirts and even a crappy song ( Pac-man fever ), and a crappy cartoon to boot!

My personal top 5 ( too lazy to make 50 ) would be:
1) Pac-man
2) Duke Nukem 3D ( greatest shooter EVAH )
3) Tecmo Bowl ( Even Madden couldn't keep me up as late as Tecmo Bowl. The Raiders with BO AND MARCUS ALLEN..I still remember my touchdown pass with 1 second left where I was the Giants and I threw to Marc Bavaro to beat my uncle's Redskins. I remember him throwing the paddle down and getting up ( without a word), turning the game off and going straight to bed in disgust)
4) Time Pilot ( I sunk more quarters into this game at the Arcade than ever, I mean who doesn't enjoy a game where your jet can go through time to fight aliens in the future or blow up Nazi's in 1941)
5) Star Wars: Arcade ( F*ck Chuck E Cheese!!..GIVE ME MORE TOKENS SO I CAN BLOW UP THE DEATH STAR!!!)

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The Clown prince Of Crime

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Well as you can see the above is a character sketch I did of "The Joker" I had done a quick sketch and was just going to post the blue pencils, but I have been doing some Photoshop color comps lately and have really been learning the program. I decided to just take the sketch another step and do some rough color and shading.


Monday, February 14, 2005

Thumb-Nailed #1

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I was looking at my buddy ok's web blog ( definitely click on the name and check it out) and looking at some of the great photos he had posted and I thought that I should post some of my own. So I hurried home and opened my shoebox of old photos and after going through 4 rolls of me and my friends being piss-drunk in most photos I started to look for my arty-farty pics.

Instead I found a bunch of photos that were ruined by a blurred mass, which if some people are to be believed is the only appendage that keeps the dolphins from re-building Atlantis. This little appendage is the thumb.

I was actually looking forward to the picture above when I had taken it. A local park had some art exibit and one of them were these "Dr. Suess" style birdhouses. So with confidence I aimed my lens and snapped a shot. I waited to the film to be developed, picked up my pics and wouldn't you know it, big as all day my Meat Digit had ruined my shot.

But this is not a rare occurance, my thumb has reappeared time and time agin, much to large to Photoshop out, and has spoiled many pictures. At family gatherings, interesting landmarks and locals and blakmail photos from bachelor parties.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Overlooked Genius-Bob Clampett

I wanted to spotlight another animation influence of mine and he is one of the most overlooked ( I feel ) animation directors who came out of Warner Brothers "Termite Terrace", Bob Clampett. Among Termite Terrace's alums were Chuck Jones and Tex Avery who Bob actually started as an animator under.

Tex gets a lot of credit for coming up with the zany "Warner's style" but it was Bob Clampett that actually was the animator on a majority of those early Warner's Tex cartoons. In fact the two men worked together and collaborated on some of what I personally feel are some of the best early shorts...I guess I just love watching Daffy jumping around "Woo-Wooing" everywhere. I also remember my animation teacher in school going frame by frame on an animation sequence that Bob Clampett had directed. In one frame Bugs' hand stretched so wide and then in the next frame grew double the size. It was the first time I saw a "blur" frame and I was amazed...It was something I had seen a hundred times, but never really knew what was happening, to me, it was like watching a hummingbird in slow motion..I was amazed!

Bob then moved up to director and made the some of the more bizarre and best cartoons during his 9 years as an animation director at Warners he had an amazing sense of outrageousness and parody..The one I loved was "The great Piggy Bank Robbery" where Daffy was Duck Twacy, but I remember it more for a henchman named "Neon Noodle" which was a Frankenstein shaped neon light, that was defeated when Daffy turned him into the "Eat at Joe's" sign. He also was the director of the rarely-seen "Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs" which has been deemed to racist to be shown anymore.

Truth be told I think that Bob Clampett's work is the most often butchered by TNT and Cartoon Network. He had characters shoot themselves, each other, and display some of the greatest cartoon violence ever. But any violence, even cartoon, just dosen't fly in today's PC world. But thank God for DVD and Turner Classic Movies which has a great spotlight show called "Cartoon Alley" which airs all Warner Brothers toons uncut and even airs some of the WWII cartoons.

So check out the Clampett related links below

Great overall site on Bob Clampett


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Beat Boy

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The above was an original character concept I had done a few months ago, and recently added a bit of color to. I have a few more characters in this style, which was a little new for me, hopefully I'll be able to finish them up and post them.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Wonder Woman

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Above is a quick sketch of Wonder Woman I did yesterday, and then just added a touch o' gray.

Speaking of WW, the old TV series is on DVD. Man, I always has a struggle in my pre pubescence about whether Linda Carter, or Erin Gray from "Buck Rodgers" was the bigger babe...Ah the queries we had when we were young.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Had A Wife....

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The above was the concept I did for Peter Pumpkin Eater's wife. We were still going white trash, and I based her loosely on Peg Bundy...So with this, we have the complete Pumkin' Eater family...And yes, we even had a trailer sketched out for them to live in.


Peter Pumpkin' Eater

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The above was a concept drawing that I had done for the game "Shrek 2" for PC. We were allowed to concept different storybook characters early on, and this was the sketch for "Peter Pumpkin Eater".

It was never used, as the design changed to go with characters already established in the movies, but it was fun that we were able to take these story book characters and put a spin on them. As you can see we were going a white trash route for Peter and his wife complete with mullets and wife beaters.