Tuesday, February 22, 2005

50 Most Important Videogames

Being a member of the game development community, I do place a large cultural and technical impact on videogames. In my life I was never as awed by any "new" washer/dryer, vaccum or even cars and cell phones, as I was when I got a new game system.

The website below has created a list of what they feel are the 50 Most Important Videogames ever made:


I don't know about their #1 choice,( or some others) I personally feel ( even though it wasn't my favorite game ) Pac-Man should be the top, because I mean it was thee game that made videogames a craze. Lunchboxes, T-shirts and even a crappy song ( Pac-man fever ), and a crappy cartoon to boot!

My personal top 5 ( too lazy to make 50 ) would be:
1) Pac-man
2) Duke Nukem 3D ( greatest shooter EVAH )
3) Tecmo Bowl ( Even Madden couldn't keep me up as late as Tecmo Bowl. The Raiders with BO AND MARCUS ALLEN..I still remember my touchdown pass with 1 second left where I was the Giants and I threw to Marc Bavaro to beat my uncle's Redskins. I remember him throwing the paddle down and getting up ( without a word), turning the game off and going straight to bed in disgust)
4) Time Pilot ( I sunk more quarters into this game at the Arcade than ever, I mean who doesn't enjoy a game where your jet can go through time to fight aliens in the future or blow up Nazi's in 1941)
5) Star Wars: Arcade ( F*ck Chuck E Cheese!!..GIVE ME MORE TOKENS SO I CAN BLOW UP THE DEATH STAR!!!)

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