Monday, February 28, 2005

Thumb-Nailed #2


I have never been struck by lightning, so I wouldn't know if the old adage of "lightning striking twice is true. I do know for a fact that the "Meat Digit" can make an appearance TWICE in practically the same shot almost 10 years apart.

The above picture are from two separate trip I made to Italy. They are both of the Campanile at Saint Marks Square in Venice, Italy. The first time I was an "amateur" photographer in my sophomore year of high school, when I focused my Kodak Disc camera on the famous tower. When I had gotten my photo back I said "F*ck" never thinking I'd return again..Oh how wrong I was. Fate was just waiting to laugh in my face as I again returned to the motherland 9 years later this time as a "semi-professional photographer" as I had taken my share of art and photography courses. So this time I aimed my Minolta Mini and picked a better point of view and clicked away...I get the photo back and said " FUNGULE!" as my Italian had improved.

So twice, in almost a decade the blurred mass known to the locals as "Numero Della Carne" had nailed me good!


Newsquirt said...

that is funny it happened twice in the same place. The meat digit loves to be in pictures it's obvious. :)

ok said...

Ha, funny stuff. More, more, more.