Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Green Guy

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Nope it ain't the Jolly Green Giant, but everyone's favorite Lou Ferrigno character.. "The Hulk"
This was a sketch I did with some colored pencils..I was going to put it in a friend's art walk he had depicting superheroes, but I went with a more "realistic" couple of drawings, being that realism isn't a style I draw very much.

Man as far as 'The Hulk" goes, the movie was decent enough ( what the F*ck was that ending all about?) but nothing tops my childhood memories of the TV show. I cried every time I saw Bruce Banner walk away at the end with his little backpack and the duh-nuh-nuh-nuuun music playing as he walked some rarely traveled stretch of highway and I would wonder "Where is he gonna go?..What will he do?"...sniff...sniff

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