Monday, April 25, 2005

Top 5 Movies Guys Can Cry At

Crying at movie...It is such a "chick" thing to do right? Yes, if it's films like "Steel Magnolias", "Titanic" or any crap that's on Lifetime TV..But there are films that a guy can have a good 'man-cry" too..What is a Man-Cry? It's a cry that that you try to hold in for a few seconds hoping it wll go away, and you won't have to cry at a movie..But then your stomach aches a bit and you realize the tears are coming, and then Water works...the difference? Silence..maybe a few sniffles, but never a full chick like bellow.

So below I have listed my personal Top 5 Movies a Guy Can Cry At:

5) Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan
O.K I am a geek, but outside of "The one with the whales" this is the next Trek movie that dosen't need you to know every single thing about Star Trek. I admit that I have cried at the end of Start Trek II, from the moment we here Bones say " Jim you better come down here." and he looks over to realize that Spock is not at his seat on the bridge because he just sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise, to the Spock's funeral procession is just great emotional stuff. Add to that the themes of age and sacrifice that run through the movie and as a man, it was O.K for you to shed a tear...It wasn't like you knew they were gonna bring Spock back in the thrid one.

4) Backdraft
This story about two brother's that work for as firemen in Chicago, will defintely have you holding back the tars or saying " I got something stuck in my eye." when your lady looks over and sees you doing a hanky job. At the heart of the story are the two brothers played by Kurt Russell and William Bladwin, who are at odds since their father died. As the movie reaches it's end they have found common ground but the death of Russells character at the end which includes a great score and funeral procession, had me crying like I was gonna put a fire out with my tears

3) E.T
It's been awhile but damn if I didn't sob like crazy when I went to see this flick back in the day. I also cried at stuff like the "Great Muppet Caper" but E.T has definitely stood the test of time...When I saw Elliott looking at a grey E.T as he was dying I balled my eyes out so bad that my dad said " What are you gonna cry for? The movies called E.T..They're not gonna kill him." Luckily my father was right..I guess he didn't see "Old Yeller" when he was young..If E.T had died, I think I would have lost all faith in what my dad told me...I bought Santa Claus for a long time after i should've let it go.

2) Field Of Dreams
This is a personal choice but I just saw this movie a few days ago on TBS and had a good "Man cry" . There is a lot of father son material in Field and being that I lost my father, it always hits home. From the moment Kevin Coster stands on his corn field baseball diamond and says 'Dad? Would you like to have a catch?" I tear up like a chick who watches "Titanic" .

1) Million Dollar Baby
If you frequent this blog alot you may have read my review of Million, but what I left out was how I cried so hard I had snot rocket flying from my nostrils. The whole second have beat the shi!t out of me so bad it was the first movie I needs to actually go and drink after. Clint Eastwood's tale of the life and life achieving your dreams is drama at it's highest, and man oh man it is a dude's 'Steel Magnolia's"

Honorable mentions
-Saving Private Ryan
-The Shawshank Redemption
-Schindler's List
-Last of The Mohicans

Thursday, April 21, 2005


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It has been awhile since I posted any artwork, so I thought I'd finish the concepts I did for "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events". In this sketch it is the villain Count Olaf.

This drawing was based on an early script for the movie ( even before Jim carrey was cast ) where Olaf had a puppet of himself..But not knowing that Carrey was cast I based the look of Olaf from the book illustrations and brought it more into my own style.