Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Count Olaf's Mansion #3

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Here was the last concept drawing I did for Count Olaf's house..This one I did completely in Photoshop, I never took a pencil to paper for this one, I simply built it up with color. I just started and then I started to see things appear, and I built those features ( windows, roof etc ) up.

It was a completely different approach to what I normally do, but I was really pleased with how it cam out, I wanted to place some brighter buildings in the back because in the book Olaf's house is right in a normal neighborhood. He didn't live on some remote estate. In this concept I really tried to push the whole "Nightmare Before Christmas" look...I have worked on so many different styles as an artist, but this my first time doing an entire piece in Photoshop.


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Newsquirt said...

all 3 of those kick ass Toe. With not having much reference at the time and just the books to go off of, you nailed it I thought. Nice!