Friday, May 20, 2005

IIIrd Times A....

Saw Episode III with a bunch of pals yesterday, and it was definitely the best of the Prequel Trilogy...But instead of posting an in depth review I decided to put some random one liners and statements from my pals who saw the film.


-"THAT SUCKED….not sure why with dialogue like this

: You are so beautiful…
: You are blinded by your love
: no for it is you who is blinded by your love
: no you are….
: no you are….
: no you are….

-"instead of dialogue, I heard Lucas almost made that scene with a duet sung by Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie."

-"Well, obviously you've never been a young Jedi in love! Anakin wasn't speaking metaphorically here... when deeply in love, a Jedi's midichlorians all migrate to his genitals, leaving him quite literally unable to see (or to think, or to keep his lightsaber in it's sheath)."

-"Yeah no kidding it was better than the first two....It's like saying that TimeCop was a better Van-Damme movie than Hard Target."

-( Right at the end of the infamous Nooooo! scene, after laughter) " George Lucas...What a dumb f*cking asshole."

-What's with the Frankenstein walk, I was waiting for a little girl to run up and give him a flower."

-… a distinct improvement on the last two episodes … but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion.

-"I really loved all the dramatic ground work Lucas laid for Anakin’s eventually turn to the dark side.

Anakin: “Wait This…This is wrong!!! (sobbing)..I’ve attacked a jedi!”

Emperor: “No worries! Now go murder some innocent children.”

: “…umm…er…okay.”

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