Monday, June 27, 2005

Disney Sample Portfolio : Gestures

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I went to Disney World in 8th grade with my family and it was the first year they had opened the Disney-MGM Studio area of the park. There was no Tower Of Terror, or Aerosmith rollercoater, but they did have the Animation Tour. Disney had opened an animation studio in Florida, right in the park and for the first time they allowed the general public to view the entire process from beginning to end, and to see the talent working on the current Disney films. It was all done in a "zoo like" atmosphere where you looked through 2 way glass down into the animation pit, where you saw animator's flipping their drawings as a short film voiced by Robin Williams with extra details pointed out by a tour guide, explained everything that was happening.

It was at that moment I knew what I wanted to do with my life, I wanted to animate. I mean I loved drawing to begin with, and loved cartoons and here were artists making a living, MAKING cartoons. F*ck being a doctor or lawyer, I wanna draw animals whacking each others with sledgehammers or bringing fairy-tales to life!...So I dedicated myself through high school to draw, draw and draw. Whenever I had free time I would just draw away in school. I would draw pictures I saw in the paper of Sports Illustrated. I would draw wacky cartoony characters and superheroes, I was extremely focused.

When I first completed art school one of the places where I wanted to work was Disney. I mean it was the grandaddy, "The House Of Mouse" and in the years I was in art school Disney was producing solid hits like "Aladdin" and " The Lion King". So I prepared my portfolio and sent it off to be reviewed by their staff, I was extremely nervous that I would get back my samples with red pen all over it that would say "Send us back more drawings when you grow up" or just plain " Sucks" with an arrow pointing towards various sample drawings.

One of my teachers and even others who had submitted were always told the NO ONE ever got into Disney on the first portfolio submission, so that eased me a bit as I waited in the mail for my critique. About a month later I had recieved a packet in the mail from Walt Disney Studios, and I read the critiques along with a kindly rejection, which also asked me to resubmit in the future after improving my work. The critiques where excellent and helpful, they wanted me to work on my " life drawing poses" more and to add " more animal studies" as well as other helpful hints.
But also included in the packet was "The Disney Sample Portfolio" which consisted of photocopies of artwork and submissions from various Disney artists. They sent this to give examples of what they wanted, I studied it and was amazed by the work that they had done, and tried to work some of it into my own work.

I never sent back to Disney, because soon after I had accepted an offer to animate for a game studio that had brought me out west. But I still have that portfolio and I wanted to post some of the work as inspiration for some, and referance to others.


Friday, June 03, 2005

Thumb-Nailed #4

a look of fear?

Here is the yet another capture of the Meat Digit and this time the hammer holding appendage is accosting some dude on the streets of New York City!

I recently have been organizing my photos and searching for these pics and this one was taken on a winter trip back home. The dude is actually my bro and you'd think by the look on his face he knew the blurred mass was coming to snuff him out or maybe maybe he was just waiting in eager anticipation to tug on the ol bean flicker...But alas he just looks that way , and the thumb has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you care to, I am going to start a fund in his behalf so we can get him a some lips.

...You shouldn't laugh

...Actually you can when you try to watch him whistle.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Old Man & Anthony Quinn ( aka the 2 Tonys)

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Have any of you had family members start giving stuff to you, because they either know they are dying or they just want to entrust items to people who they know will take care of it? Well, on my last trip back home my Uncle ( my dad's brother ) had given me a box of stuff that he had when my old man passed away, I guess he felt I was old enough and would really look after all the things he had amassed.....It could also be I am now married and he knew that the drinkin' and carousin' had come to an end.

I was grateful, because my old man had passed when I was 13 and through moves, family rifts etc.. There had not been to many things of his left behind, a few really nice items, but here was my uncle giving me links to the past. One of the many things he had given to me were old photos when my dad was young, we were looking through a bunch...One was my dad having a drink with some of his buddy's at the Copa Cabana Club, another was of my old man with a set of drums, playing in a jazz band ( I am also a drummer, but didn't know my dad was until AFTER I had learned..Another weird thing was that I had a cherry red drumset...So did my dad)...But then I saw the one picture of my Old Man and...Anthony Quinn.

The story behind the photo is that my father ( he is pictured on the right )was in the Army serving in Italy at the time. My father had learned to ride horses, he had a reputation for being a good horsemen( he eventually became a Mounted Patrolmen for the Newark Police Department until they dismantled the program in the late 70's), so while serving in Italy he had taken a job as a hosemen/stuntman for the film "Barabas" which starred Anthony Quinn....This photo was from their meeting on the set.

It was a nice time capsule and a nice piece to have of my father.