Friday, June 03, 2005

Thumb-Nailed #4

a look of fear?

Here is the yet another capture of the Meat Digit and this time the hammer holding appendage is accosting some dude on the streets of New York City!

I recently have been organizing my photos and searching for these pics and this one was taken on a winter trip back home. The dude is actually my bro and you'd think by the look on his face he knew the blurred mass was coming to snuff him out or maybe maybe he was just waiting in eager anticipation to tug on the ol bean flicker...But alas he just looks that way , and the thumb has absolutely nothing to do with it. If you care to, I am going to start a fund in his behalf so we can get him a some lips.

...You shouldn't laugh

...Actually you can when you try to watch him whistle.


ok said...

Another meat digit instant classic. I'm laughin' here!

mokusa said...

Long live the meat digit!

Newsquirt said...

so how many photo's of yours actually have the meat digit in them?? LOL!