Friday, July 22, 2005

Sketchin' With Kryptonite

This was a sketch I did of the Man Of Steel the other day and added some quick color last night. I usually post just the color, but I liked the pencil sketch, so I figured " Ah what the Hell..." and posted them both up. I have always liked the character of Superman...I think it mainly started when my Grandfather brought me to go see "Superman: The Movie". My grandfather loved movies and this was the first film I had ever seen. I don't remeber too many vivid memories from childhood...Shit, I didn't even remember I left my car keys in the ignition, running mind you, as I locked my car door, but I remeber so much from that experience. I remeber the silver \S/ on the black background for the poster and I remeber the scene when Lois Lane was dangling from the helicopter on the roof og the Daily planet when she fell and Superman swooped up to get her..Then the helicopter fell towards them and he caught it with one arm..slowed ever so slightly from the weight and then proceeded upwards..A-Freakin-MAZING!
After the movie my grandfather brought me to Toys R' Us and bought me a 10 inch Superman figure, which is now gone...The damn thing is probably worth about 300 bucks now, but the memories were gold.


Newsquirt said...

awesome sketch Tony. I have great memories of the first Superman movie as well. Reeves was the man at that moment in time.

ok said...

Great work! Lots of fond memories of the Superman movies too.