Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Space Monkey

This is a character sketch of "Chuck the Space Monkey" from an idea I had called "Mission M.A.D". The M stood for Monkey ( pictured above ) A for Amoeba and D for Droid. It basically followed their mis-adventures through space, with some adult humor thrown in...Ya know like fart jokes and anal probes.

Chuck was sold to science by his owner after he dicovered his ability to talk...Which consisted mostly of criticisms and sacasm. Once in the realm of science an agent for a "Top Secret Government Agency" fills the monkey with great expectations and says he'll be a hero and loved by millions and will finally have a test for his great intellect.The monkey being extremely pompous anyway, is carried away by delusions of grandeur and goes off to participate in the secret space project.

One of Chucks many personality traits, other than being pompous and ego-centric is that he gets paranoid when anyone stands behind him...Mostly because of all the anal probing they gave him during his training.


mokusa said...

SHIP THAT MOTHER! That sounds like some good monkey action. I like the drawing too.

-Xero said...

Great drawing and colors. All that is missing to make it a big, edgy hit are trumpet tubes coming out of his head.