Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Lil Bit O' Lifedrawing

Lifedrawing is one of those "essentials" you must master if one hopes to achieve the glamorous life of an arteest...The Glamorous life pretty much involves wearing shorts to work and being allowed to have a "toy budget".
Lifedrawing is actually one of the most worthwhile skills you need, it is one of the first things any company looks at in your portfolio. I remember when submitting my portfolio to Disney, all they wanted to see was life sketches, they didn't give two Mickey Mouse shits about looking at your animation, they wanted to see if you could draw.
I know that most non-artists ( at least my friends ) think that it's all about seeing nekkid ladies and boobies, and even though I'll admire it when it's there, drawing the human figure, is really much different then going to strip joints. You really get into the form of a body the pose it makes and get caught up in the details of a face or hands.
We have non-nude lifedrawing at my work, to keep us sketching, especially since most game ( hell and now feature ) animation work is done through computer, and taking it back to the basics of pencil and paper really does help, just in terms of pose, gesture and attitude...Gotta kick it "old school" every now and then!
The sketch above is from one of the first lifedrawing sessions I had gone to after taking a long hiatus..I like the pose and the emotion on her face, but her arm is a bit "rubbery" almost like Olive Oyls, but that's more reason for me to keep up with the sketching.


Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The above is a character concept skecth I had done, which had characters based on different genres of music..I was given Hip-Hop.
I had posted a previous sketch of a Beat Boy and here was one of the girls I had done, or "Shorty" ( I brushed up on my rap terms, thanks to the D O Double G ).
I looked at two models for her, and they were female rap artists "Lil' Kim" and "Missy Elliot". I tok the attitude and stature of Lil Kim and took the clothing styles of Missy..Cause I really can't have leather straps holding gigantic boobs down, like Lil Kim likes to do ( but don't take that as I don't like it ) so in the end, I really liked the way the sketch came out.
I have about 3 other characters that go with the two I have already done, I hope to get them all up here sooner or later.

Enjoi YO-selves

Monday, August 01, 2005

Ya! Animated Robots!

I came across a really well made, and very short, animated short recently called "Geweldenaren Van Ver " . As you can guess by the title it was animated in Holland by 3 different teams of animators basically to prove that small animation houses ( like their own ) were able to do kick ass effects on a small budget.

One of the amazing things is that they put this together in two and a half weeks! It's an impressive undertaking for that small a period of time, one of the ways they were able to do this is to cut out all voice recording. In animation voice recording, and animating to that recording is what takes up the most time.

The subject was very " War of The Worlds ", but they also wanted to send up the American disaster blockbusters like "Independance Day" and "Armageddon".

So check out the site and the film at this link http://www.nomads.nl/geweldenaren/main.php