Tuesday, August 09, 2005


The above is a character concept skecth I had done, which had characters based on different genres of music..I was given Hip-Hop.
I had posted a previous sketch of a Beat Boy and here was one of the girls I had done, or "Shorty" ( I brushed up on my rap terms, thanks to the D O Double G ).
I looked at two models for her, and they were female rap artists "Lil' Kim" and "Missy Elliot". I tok the attitude and stature of Lil Kim and took the clothing styles of Missy..Cause I really can't have leather straps holding gigantic boobs down, like Lil Kim likes to do ( but don't take that as I don't like it ) so in the end, I really liked the way the sketch came out.
I have about 3 other characters that go with the two I have already done, I hope to get them all up here sooner or later.

Enjoi YO-selves


Owen said...

These are amazing drawings. I can barely make a legible map...much less animated characters! I always thought Li'l Kim would be better as a cartoon.

El Snoozo said...

Thanks dude..Yeah Lil' Kim is almost a cartoon anyways..Some of those outfits she wears, and her crazy wigs..Nice sweater puppets, but even those are a bit on the cartoonish side.