Monday, August 01, 2005

Ya! Animated Robots!

I came across a really well made, and very short, animated short recently called "Geweldenaren Van Ver " . As you can guess by the title it was animated in Holland by 3 different teams of animators basically to prove that small animation houses ( like their own ) were able to do kick ass effects on a small budget.

One of the amazing things is that they put this together in two and a half weeks! It's an impressive undertaking for that small a period of time, one of the ways they were able to do this is to cut out all voice recording. In animation voice recording, and animating to that recording is what takes up the most time.

The subject was very " War of The Worlds ", but they also wanted to send up the American disaster blockbusters like "Independance Day" and "Armageddon".

So check out the site and the film at this link

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mokusa said...

That's awesome, especially for less than 3 weeks of work!