Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Beers Into The Ballgame

Football Season is fast approaching, and soon fans will be filling stadiums in bright colors ready to root on their respective teams..They are ready to hear the crunch of a hard hit or the graceful athleticism of an incredible catch, and to pay upwards of 6 bucks for a small cup of Bud Light.
That's right 6 bucks for a tiny cup of the most watered down beer available at a sporting event, you will literally be pissing away your money before half time. These stadiums need their money and they are cracking down on water as if it were beer, you aren't allowed to bring it into the venue, this is after you've paid good money for yourself or family to get into the game.
I used to work security, and one of my main goals while working was to make sure that no one snuck beer in through the front gates. It became an evolutionary game of hide and seek with the fans, each year someone would invent a new creative way to get their favorite brew into the game..Some would be ultra pissed when we caught them and others had that " It's cool, but I'll get it next time" swagger.

There are methods like the " Bar-Noculars" pictured above, where you can buy a little novelty item to get your booze in, but there are many free ways to get your booze in, and here were some of the more creative ways I discovered.

Tube Socks- Number of Beers 2-4 : This is a great use for those old high tube socks that are tucked away in the back of your sock drawer, and the higher, the better. Most security/police personnel usually don't look much further down the waist than the pockets, so placing 1 to 2 beers in each sock ( depending on sock height ) is perfect. Placed in beck agaisnt your calf with some baggy jeans, makes thise way really hard to detect....It also works great in movie theatres.

The Hood-Number Of Beers 1-3: This lil method almost got by me because you mostly are eyballing someone from the front as they walk in, you rarely notice the back. In the winter this works well especially with parkas, you can put up to 3 beers in your hood ( while it's down ) and usually walk right in, this works best if your 6'1 or taller because security won't be able to see down into your hood for any reason, plus hoods on parkas work well to keep the cold ones, cold.

Sub Sandwich- Number of Beers 3-4: Some venues allow people to bring in food, and back at the Meadowlands, some folks brought actual picnic baskets, so we;d usually check them for booze. One time I was searching through and brushed up against a guys sub sandwich, and it just felt a little unusual, the reason was is because he had made a hoagie, and the main ingredient was Pabst Blue Ribbon. What he had done was pack 3 beers into a hoagie roll and then covered them with lettuce, he also wrapped them in deli style paper and wrote " Cold Cut Combo" on it..I'm sure others have tried this and succeeded and it's a good way to get a good number of brewski's in.

Mr Pringle- Number of Beers 1-2 ( full size ) 3 ( mini's or "nips ): Again this relies on the fact that your venue of choice allows snacks, but this is really simple . A man had emptied a Pringles can and placed 3 nips of Bud into the Pringles can and then placed 6 Pringle chips on top so that they were visible through the see-through top..Security looks and they just see Pringles..This is a bit riskier if they handle the can, as the weight will give it away, but if they just look through your bag, then it's time to pop em' open , and you'll even have a couple of chips as a snack!

Boxes of Pretzels/Bugles- Number of Beers 1-4 Another big snack related sneek here, it works a lot like the Pringles can except with pretzels just place some cans in a pretzel box and throw pretzels on the top.

These are a couple of the more creative ways that I found people sneaking beers into the games, yes I did catch them, but where I worked we were extremely aggressive about getting them.Not to knock cops, but you actually have a better chance of getting beer into a game when the gate security is handled by police. They are mainly getting a nice overtime check and are usually looking in the obvious places. If you do get caught, just do the ol "Ya got me" and get ready for the next time, and have some spare cash!

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