Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Captain Marvel

The wisdom of Solomon
The strength of Hercules
The stamina of Atlas
The power of Zeus
The courage of Achilles
The speed of Mercury

So above is my sketch of " Captain Marvel" aka SHAZAM!..This was another I had decided to do the full ink and Photoshop treatment on, and I was pretty happy with the way the Big Red Cheese came out.
I always liked the character of Shazam ( and yes even the 70's TV show, although I dare not watch it again ), mainly because his alter ego was a kid..He wasn't a billionaire, or a newspaper reporter, he was just a kid , doing kid stuff till he uttered the words " SHAZAM!" and then became The World's Mightiest Mortal...I mean plus Shazam is a cool word to utter whenever you do something really cool, or need it to explain to your buddy's how cool your night out went .." Man this girl was hot and then she took that top off and SHAZAM!"

As an artist fact, the supposed inspiration for Captain Marvels face was that of "My Three Sons" star Fred McMurray..Alex Ross used that when he did his take on Captain Marvel as well.

I put a little of that in, but I also wanted to keep him almost "kid" looking in the face.



ok said...

Another amazing piece! Great coloring and ink work. You just busted this out too. With the quickness!

Newsquirt said...

killer dude!

Sandra Khoo said...

HAhahaha,gotta love the expression on his face,no matter how seious he looks,I just can't bring myself to take him seriously! XD Keep on drawing,man! ^^

Sandra Khoo said...

bother! *serious* typo!