Tuesday, October 25, 2005


So here's another comic character sketch, except this time I decided to go with the ass kick'n female kind, and I sketched out BATGIRL...The original, NOT that Alicia Silverstone " oh I'm Alfred's Niece " Batgirl, from the movie "Batman & Robin" ( Man it's amazing that Christopher Nolan was able to save the Bat-Film franchise after that Joel Schumacher debacle )

This is another sketch that I had decided to color up, but I had a tough time deciding if I should go with the dark background color, because it obscures the figure a bit. But I had a buddy of mine lay some eyes on it, and he said to run with it...Also wanted to throw up the pencils for it as well.

Well until next time...Same Bat-Time. Same Bat Channel.


mokusa said...

I still haven't seen the last two (before Nolan's) Batman movies. That Danny Devito crap ended it for me. I almost want to go rent Batman and Robin though just because I consistantly hear that it is so terrible. I need to see it with my own eyes I think. Anyway, nice drawing! Batgirl kicks ass.

Patrick Morgan said...

Nice Superhero stuff. Check out some of the superheros stuff I have on my blog. Keep up the great work. The Captain Marvel is Great.


Anonymous said...

Yeah thats ok I guess. I don't know if I would have drawn it the same way though... Yeah... Hey if you want to see some really hot shit you should check out my drawings!


Keep up the OK work dude!

The Original Dangster said...

You would've been better off stickin with the pencil drawing brah. Seems like the color one just loses a lot, I know Photoshop can be a pain, but if you practice you can master it.

Just check out my stuff @

Keep practicin'!