Friday, October 14, 2005

Bo-Peep...Da Last One

Here is the final of the 3 concept sketches I did of " Lil' Bo-Peep" for the " Shrek 2 PC " Game.

For this sketch I just drew someone who is completely neurotic and forgetful. This chick is consistently loosing her sheep, and forgetting everything else in her life.

I used the old cliche' of tying a bow around your finger to remind you of something you're not supposed to forget..Much like the Uncle Billy character from " It's A Wonderful Life "....So as you can see she has a view of those bows tied round her fingers.

This was my favorite of the 3, but as I said they decided to limit the scope of the game to the movie plotline, so all these extra characters were never used.

I still like them and now that most of my animation is done in 3D, it's always good to pick up the pencil to do some pencil and paper work.


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