Monday, October 24, 2005

Sharpie Sketchin'

I decided to post another lifedrawing pic, as I have been getting back into it, within the last few weeks. My work offers a non-nude lifedrawing session once a week, and I've been going the last few weeks, with varied results.

Some of the drawings have been tedious and to me, look really flat..I have actually found the " quick sketches" those gesture skectches to be the biggest pain in da arse'.

The gesture skecth above though I really liked and I used a medium I never used before..A Sharpie Marker. I usually use a blue pencil to get my line of action, and basic skeleton down, and then go back with a darker pencil to fill in the details, but I just went staraight with the ol' Sharpie on this one...I found it really makes you concentrate on the lines, and it's hit or miss, but like Chuck Jones said

" Everyone has a thousand bad drawings in them, you just have to get them out of the way."


Elliot said...

Heya dude.
I've just spent the better part of the afternoon going through your blog.
Jolly nice stuff.

Mark McDonnell said...

Great sketch,

I'm really impressed with your stuff man. You have so many talents all wrapped up into one. You can really tell you spent a lot of thought and effort into making each sketch/piece into it's own idea. What can I say man, I really enjoy your work. I will bookmark your blog and make sure I keep comin' back for more. Thanks for the coffee breaks in the morning, REALLY fun stuff.

If you get time, please check out my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!