Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Thee Ol' Workspace ( and I do mean old )

Been seeing some animator peeps throwing up pics of their workspaces..My fellow co-worker Newsquirt posted his awhile back..I had a roll of film to kill, so I decided to share the place where I make other people's dreams, a reality :)

As you can see I have quite a bit o' crap ( and this isn't all of it ) and it's taken 5 years to get this to maximum clut-age. Almost every artist and programmer has shifted offices, usually as we get new projects. I, through luck have had every team I've worked on be in my area of the building.

So to take you on a brief tour I numbered the pic and here we go:

1. Three different " degrees " which run from my bachelors in Animation from Harvard, to my Doctorate Of Animation from M.I.T , whish was signed by the Dean Of Arts Dr. Yougatta B. Kidding

2. The ol' art table, for those occasions where I take a break from the 3D realm, I have the usual assortment of animator/geek crap which adorn it's facade..Such as a broken Pinky & The Brain lamp, Mr. Incredible and Batman action figures, and a snowglobe with Red Hot riding Hood in it.

3. Gotta have toys, that range from high end Macfarlane toys to low-end Happy Meal swag..Also managed to win the WW European Title from back in my luche libre wrasslin' days

4. Wall O' Random..On here is a bulletin board with pics of hot chicks, characitures , pics of family and it's all topped off by the flag of the motherland..New Jersey

Well, there it is..If I ever move to a cubicle it'll be hell to move..Plus I can't fit it all in there, my office already looks like " Sanford and Son ".

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back To Bizzaro World

Ah it's been awhile and I've finally gotten over my Caribbean hangover..I tell you being drunk and on a Disney cruise is an odd thing, and yet highly recommended.

Thought I'd get to posting again, so I startred off with a sketch of Superman villian " Bizzaro"...he actually looks like he's had a couple of cocktails. It was fun to get back to the sketching.

In Superman related stuff, the official " Superman Returns " movie site is up, and you can check it out HERE

Take it easy amigos, and I'll post some island pics when I get em' developed.. ( yup I'm old school..i still use a Kodak Disc camera )