Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Back To Bizzaro World

Ah it's been awhile and I've finally gotten over my Caribbean hangover..I tell you being drunk and on a Disney cruise is an odd thing, and yet highly recommended.

Thought I'd get to posting again, so I startred off with a sketch of Superman villian " Bizzaro"...he actually looks like he's had a couple of cocktails. It was fun to get back to the sketching.

In Superman related stuff, the official " Superman Returns " movie site is up, and you can check it out HERE

Take it easy amigos, and I'll post some island pics when I get em' developed.. ( yup I'm old school..i still use a Kodak Disc camera )



mokusa said...

I think this movie is going to be really good but no matter how hard I try I can't get past what he is wearing. Blue tights.

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Newsquirt said...

kick ass Ton' Always good to see yo stuff.

ok said...

Nice work! The movie will be good.