Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sims 2 PSP Character Designs

The most recent game which I worked on " The Sims 2 " for the PSP was released last week, just in time to be shoved in stockings or under the tree ( gotta shill the product ). It was the very first PSP title I have worked on and this one was thee largest game I worked on period. One of the coolest things about this project was that it wasn't a direct port of the PC game, our company was able to come up with a unique design, animations and characters.

Below, are some of the original concepts I sketched out. Our designer had given us a few lines on the character, and then my Animation Lead Andrew and I brainstormed about what we felt they should be like, and then the sketches ( and multiple revisions ) began.

It's been getting some good reviews , most critics are down on the constant load times, but it's a big ass game thrown onto a small ass disc. Overall though they have liked the art and design, so
if you like the Sims, go ahead and check it out.

Here are the sketches of some of the local residents and odd characters who reside in " Strangetown ", which is an Area 51/Roswell/Twin Peaks type of town. I'll post more when I can

*Hoot Howell color by Andrew Brinkworth

Monday, December 05, 2005


Here is another character concept I did for an original game idea our company was developing. Without going into to much detail, it basically was about different groups ( based on musical genre's ) who would have battles based on music..I know it's all vague, but I can't giveaway to much.

I was assigned " Hip-Hop" so I came up with a bunch of different characters ( Here are my older posts of the HOMEBOY and HOMEGIRL ) and this was my Beyonce-type G-Chick.

These were fun, as it stretched my style a bit, and it's a bonus to have to look at Beyonce pics all day for inspiration..Ah, the grind!

Oh and as far as Hip-Hop and Rap, do yourselfs a favor and check out the Q-Unit....It's a " mash-up" of 50 Cent lyrics with the rock riffs of Queen...Check it owt HERE