Friday, January 13, 2006

Plane Doodle..The Fuzz

Last week I went on a lil' buisness trip to LA ( my first one ) and it was a two flight day, as we hopped down and then flew back later that afternoon...It was a lot of flying, and being that I read my entire magazine on the ay down, I thought I do a bit of sketching on the way back.

Most were bad, and this was by far the better of the bunch..Basically it's just one of them grizzled veteran detectives, who may be on his last 2 or 3 cases. He just got his 3rd cup of coffee as he's been interogating some nut job...He obviously thinks the story doesn't match the facts.

Maybe he'll throw the hot joe in the dirtbags face.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

It's Good To Be The ( Burger ) King

So here's a pic I found on the web that were some shots of the latest " Burger King " commercial, that they were filming in Cali. Looks like Da king is getting rubbing down model and all round hottie Brooke Burke, to shield her from the cancer rays.

I have enjoyed the commercials, especially the NFL ones with the King in them. I think he can have a Michael Myers affect on some people though, as this chick who works with my wife is actually afraid of him, and will instantly change the channel when she sees his Whopper sized melon on TV.

I wonder if the King is rubbing her down with his Special Sauce...I would've made some Fillet O' Fish joke, but realized that was McDonalds.