Monday, February 27, 2006

Animation Mistakes In Game Development pt.2

Underestimating The Scope Of The Project
Don't over-promise and under-deliver. This applies to everything in your animation studio-budgets, timelines and artist capability. Good studios should know their limits, and know what they can do in that timeframe.
-Mohammad Dovoudian, CEO, Brain Zoo

Everyone wants to make a great game, and at the beginning of a project the tendency is to go as big as you can imagine. But after the initial high-level wish list, you need to have a reality check and see what is really going to be possible within the time and budget constraints. Without this reality check, you could end up with a pitch for a game that sounds like this: " It takes the open-ended sandbox mentality of Grand Theft Auto mixed with the driving tuning and physics of Gran Turismo, all wrapped up in a visual presentation on par with Resident Evil4-all in 14 months". This is probably not very realistic.
-Cory Barlog, lead combat designer for Sony's God Of War

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