Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Animation Mistakes In Game Development pt.3

Misappropriation Of Resources
Feature Creep: This is basically the tendency to continually add new things to the game even after your cut-off point for new features has passed. If left unchecked, this can lead to a nightmarish debugging and test cycle and invariably cause you to either push your release date or release a buggy game. While it is good to keep current with what is being released and maintain a competitive edge in the business, it's not good to continually backtrack in production every time a new game comes out with a "hot" new feature that you abolutely must have in your game.
-Cory Barlog, combat designer for Sony's God Of War

Avoid spending 8 weeks working on a feature that 1% of people will notice.
-Trey Ratcliff, CEO John Galt Games

It is fundamental to apply the golden rule of film production: Spend the money on the screen! Too often 3D assests are overserviced and too much work doesn't end up on screen (i.e, in the final shot and cut). Working closely from an early locked off animatic ( or 3D block ) is the best way to optimize your art budget. The simple philosophy should always be " less is more ". Whether it is animation, modeling, effects, etc., don't try to schieve too much ( so everything suffers ). Instead focus on fewer elements and get them right, whatever they may be.
-Thomas Schober, executive producer, Act3animation

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