Friday, October 06, 2006

Part II: from Sketch To Super ( I Hope )

I'm by no means a whiz at Photoshop, and I am still really unfamiliar with all the cool tricks and doo-hikkies that are involved with the program, so I knew the most challenging part would be painting in the sunset clouds for the background.

For this pic, I didn't ink my drawing, instead I went over my blue pencils with a regular Number 2 pencil ( adding a bit of line weight ) and then I photocopied the sketch. I use this because it still keeps the drawing looking "alive" and rough, but it does clean it up as well.

As for the coloring, in the picture above, in the smaller illo, that was a photo of a sunset that a buddy of mine had taken up in Alaska..I brought it in, bumped up the contrast and brightness, and I used that as my center, and my color template to build around.

As I said before, I ain't too good in the Photoshop, but luckily I am surrounded my talented co-workers who are always doing amazing things in photoshop. One of them is fellow blogger OK, who I asked " Dude how do you paint nice, fluffy clouds?" He showed me the "Wet Brush" pulldown in Photoshop and he said just to set my opacity low and to keep building up the color.

To be serious I had never even known about the wet brushed, but they definitely achieved the effect I wanted...So I kept building up my colors, and eventually wound up with the finished sunset sky that tyou see in the larger frame above.

next step I'll post is the character coloring and shading.

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