Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Disney At The EMP

Live in Seattle? Like Disney? Like Music?

Well the EMP ( Experience Music Project ) here in Seattle is running an exhibit called "The Music behind the Magic" from November 4th till September 9th.

I actually did some conceptual artwork with a creative company called Wonder Mine for some of the specific exhibits. A real talented ( and caffeinated ) guy named Ken Burns, was the man who created all the layouts and ideas for each area . You can actually see some of the concept drawings I drew on the website for the exhibit, which you can check out HERE

Credit for the coloring of the pics goes to fellow artist and blogger Jason Southwick, he really nailed a rough watercolor style using Photoshop.

I'm going to try and check it out sometime soon to see how much things look the way they were originally thought out...Plus I'm a sucker for Hillary Duff tunes ;)

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