Friday, November 10, 2006

Sketchin' with Jeet Koon Doe

Sketch of Bruce Lee for today, I got all "Rob Liefeld" and didn't wanna draw any anatomy or feet.

So Bruce is all dressed like he was when he kicked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's ass in "Game Of Death"...Wonder if he could've kicked Larry Bird's ass? I'm guessing Larry would jump shoot a ninja star from 30 feet right into Bruce's skull.



Pete Sticks said...

Maybe pencil just isn't your thing bro, I mean I "like" it, it's just that it lacks the emotion of a better work of art by say, one of the folks over at Kick Ass Art. Keep up the effort though, a lot of failed artists end up addicted to drugs and die in a ditch alone, except for the squishy load in their pants. Happy Holidays! I'm Pete Sticks.

ok said...

Awesome!!! Looks like he is about to snap off a one inch punch. Waataaa!!!