Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My Son.You Have Great Power....Unless Puget Sound Energy Hasn't Hooked You Up Yet.

Well we had ourselves one hell of a wind storm last Thursday here in Washington. 70 mph winds ran through our neighborhood, and when we woke up our power was out and some of our neighbors had the lovely evergreens drop through their homes. As of today my neighborhood is still without power, and it looks like we may get some back before the weekend.

My wife and I decided to " fuck this shit" on Saturday after the last of our hot water ran out, so we are now staying with some good friends, but I do have to tell you that I have the greatest appreciation for the invention of the lightbulb. This week has seen Thomas Edison rise above Alyssa Milano, Walt Disney and The Green Lantern on my list of the "Coolest People EVAH" list.

Overall all of my neighbors have been great, and we've all checked on each other and have helped out where we can, in fact I think my neigbor Jack had one of the most memorable quotes thus far when he wife asked about his special forces training that he had recieved when he served with the Air Force he replied to her " I told you, I recieved my special forces training for the god damn JUNGLE! What damn good is that gonna do when I'm freezing my ass off!"

In a typical "Seattle moment" when our downtown area was up and running one of the first places to get busy was the Starbucks, so my wie and I grabbed a coffee on a supply run. When we returned to our neighborhood people were like " Where'd you get that coffee?!" when I said that the Starbucks downtown was open, they darted into their cars and headed out.

Everyone has a great story, and I even think some urban legends will grow about how knife fights broke out over the last latte' in the Wind Storm of 06.

Hope you dig the pic I did of Jor-El...I had completed the sketch, and tried to segway the art into the story, resulting in the drawn out header.