Tuesday, January 16, 2007

24 is Back, and so am I.

Was back east for a week visiting my family back in "Joisey", where weirdly the weather was pretty nice...Funny enough it was 70 degrees when we landed last Saturday, and here today in Seattle my nuts have retreated into my small intestine, because it's been cold and snowing...Global Warming maybe?

But if it is Global warming the man who can stop it would be the dude I drew in the sketch above, "Jack Bauer" from the show "24" which had it's big 2 day-4 hour season premiere, and man was it ever kick ass! I have only a small selection of TV shows I check out religiously, one is "24" and the others are "Smallville", "House" and "Heroes". Problem is now both "24" and "Heroes" are both on Mondays @ 9, and I don't have Tivo or Digital Cable, so because "24" isn't big on re-runs during the season, I'm gonna tune in to see how Jack saves the world in one day yet again..This year he was released from a Chinese prison where he was tortured for 2 years to start his day.

Good thing he's the man to save the world, because if terrorists wanted to blow up a city on a day after I drank 8 car bombs the night before, I wouldn't be able to get my head off the pillow till bout 5PM.


Anonymous said...

Great drawing!

Jack Brummet said...

Really nice drawing Tony.

FYI -- if you miss an episode, the 24 page on my space has the most recent episode and some older ones too. And it is in fairly decent resolution... /jack