Monday, January 29, 2007

"The Duke" & Some Art Books

So the above sketch is of "The Duke" John Wayne, nothing to meaningful here, I'm just trying to keep sketching away.

So within the last couple of weeks I've added to my art library with the following latest additions..Oh and by the way, I strongly suggest joining Barnes and Nobles' membership program. It's free and you get 20% off on all "Adult Hardcovers" which is pretty much what each "Art Of Book" usually is.

The Art of Open Season: Didn't like the movie as a whole very much, but I did like the style and this book is really packed with great sketches, especially character design. It's really inspiring, as they included various designs from different animators on each character, and the background paintings are very Warner Brothers in style. It is one of those new "interactive books" which means it contains lots of extras, and keepsakes. I have a Bruce Springsteen book, and it works for that, as they give you replicas of gig posters and backstage passes, but for this book, the most you get are cheesy postcards, and stickers based on the characters, so the format isn't that great for this book, unless your 5.

Draw The Looney Tunes: Not a bad book overall, it is supposedly the "bible" they gave all the character artists at Warner brothers studio.It's not so much an animation book, but an overall basic drawing manual. It describes proper layout and drawing theory, and as far as animation it covers the basic "Preston Blair" bases of line of action, dynamic posing etc. I know the title says draw the "Looney Tunes", but the basic character featured is Bugs Bunny, so it's a bit limited. The book does feature full color pull-outs of really nice Warner Brother back grounds, as well as velum cleanup overlays of some rough drawings. Overall if your a professional artist, you won't learn many new tricks, but as far a visual ref and inspiration, it's a pretty decent book.

The Art Of The Incredibles: I waited on this for awhile, but finally grabbed it at Barnes and Noble ( yup 20% off too ) and it's a really good book, full of pre-production art. Each character and main environment from the film has a series of sketches, and even paper collages that were used in the early design phase. Overall, it was a smaller representation character-wise than the Open Season book, but still very inspiring, and interesting to see the retro-style that went into the overall film.


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