Friday, February 16, 2007

Giant Sketch

Hope you kids had a pleasant Valentine's Day, hope that the flowers and candy got you a bit of "action"...And if you were alone, well hopefully you gave a final glance at the Anna Nicole Smith Playboy ( that one small term outta give me about 30 extra hits a week ) before you hermetically seal it to be preserved through the ages.
Well the sketch above was one of a few concepts I did of Giants a few years back..You can guess what he has in his hand, I'm sure that some of you will think of the cute, and others the obscene :)

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Nother Supes drawrin'

The website superman-with-chimps has shut down, so they stopped their online contests. But even though the contests are done, you can still go by and check out all the previous submissions.
I had started the above illo in case they were going to have another contest, I wanted to something a bit "toon-ier" with Supes. Of course it's the classic "shirt rip" and I dug my line art and pose, but I just kind of ran outta steam on the colors...and didn't even attempt a background.
If I ever get it going again I will do a re-post.