Friday, March 30, 2007

One Mo' with Fro

Well the above character sketch was another concept I had done for an potential project. The basic gist was that all these characters all had to represent hip-hop and rap, and have some type of "future elements" as well.
Each link below is for each of the other characters I previously posted:
One funny thing is that in the post about the "Lil' Shorty" I linked to a pic of rapper "Lil, Kim" . I get at least 8 hits from image search hits to my site for that one pic. Most come from the UK, where it seems the Brits want a gander at her assets...Even if they are bought ( guessing from record sales)
Have a good weekend!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Who You Callin' Scruffy Lookin?"

I have been trying to get some animation to post through youtube, but I have been running into problems posting it. If anybody has a way of doing it, drop a comment by, because I'ts been a pain in da ass!
So you guys will have to just look at another drawrin' today, and this time I did a take on the man who shot Greedo first Han Solo. Overall I am pretty happy with it, but it still looks "off" from Harrison Ford, I think I probably should have gone more "toony" and less charicature, but I did like the pose and all, so I though I'd post it up anyways.
I found Star Wars actually done all in ascii text and for fun you can check it out HERE

Friday, March 16, 2007

Draw'n Chicks

Got back to doing some sketching, and decided to make an attempt at a pinup gal ( which is based on a Rose McGowan photo). I always found getting the features of a chick's face ( unlike the obvious butt and boobs ) just right. I think the above was one of my better attempts.
Speaking of chicks, I had the displeasure of watching about 5 minutes of Halle Berry's "Catwoman" movie, and man was it beyond terrible. The direction and the acting, from both Berry and Sharon Stone was awful. I can honestly say that the best work each of the two actresses has done has been when they were nekkid ( and one even got an Oscar for it ).
I think the most awful thing was the network that had Catwoman on it was AMC which stands for "American Movie CLASSICS".

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Beer+Good Tunes=Good Time

photo by: Danny Ngan...and yes, those are panties

As posted earlier, our band the "Drunks Of Hazzard" had our show last Thursday and it was a hella good time! The Jewelbox Theatre was the perfect venue for us to spew our rude, filth ridden lyrics...All to a toe tapping beat!

We gotta thank everyone who came out on a school night, as the place was packed with family, friends and new fans of the Drunks, was awesome to see a full house of drunken folks. Gotta give big props to Chris Brockett and the Tweezer guys for helping put on a great show.

Fellow co-worker, and awesome photographer
Danny Ngan took some great shots of the show and you can check them out at the following link:

Also another co-worker and fellow blogger Jack Brummet wrote up a fun review of our show

"Chris Brockett and The Wasted Bullets opened up a show on Thursday night at
The Rendezvous. Chris played a short set with some of his own tunes and some great covers, including a Johnny Cash cover in which he was joined by the Drunks of Hazzard. Brockett was nervous about his guitar playing, but it didn't matter. His voice sounded great, and he put on a moving, and oh so humble show. I hope I can see him perform a longer set soon. Keep it coming, Chris!

The Drunks of Hazzard are Fraser Thompson, Tony Ravo, Eric Gingrich, and
Mike Chavez--artists, designers, and a programmer in the game world. You can find some posters of their gigs here. This band is a gas to watch and hear. And for some reason, you get thirsty listening. After their Thursday night gig, my stomach hurt from laughing so much. Each of their faces are a unique mirror of the music. Tony Ravo and Fraser Thompson mainly front the band. Fraser, in particular, is a joy to watch. His frantic facial expressions and wild limb movements while he plays and sings (most lead vocals and lead guitar) are worth the price of admission. His face can be puzzled, amused, and demonic all at the same time and watching him bounce around the stage only amplifies the music.

I have seen the Drunks play four or five times, but this time they were the most rehearsed I'd ever seen, and they broke out six or seven new songs--most as sick and hilarious as the great old tunes. The audience was convulsed in laughter. I want to try and post some of their lyrics in the near future. If you live in Seattle, try to show up at one of their sporadic gigs. And, hey, Drunks! Isn't it time to put out a CD? I could already name 12 songs that deserve inclusion. I have some low-quality boots of them, but I need an actual CD. Thanks, Drunks!"

Thanks Jack!