Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Who You Callin' Scruffy Lookin?"

I have been trying to get some animation to post through youtube, but I have been running into problems posting it. If anybody has a way of doing it, drop a comment by, because I'ts been a pain in da ass!
So you guys will have to just look at another drawrin' today, and this time I did a take on the man who shot Greedo first Han Solo. Overall I am pretty happy with it, but it still looks "off" from Harrison Ford, I think I probably should have gone more "toony" and less charicature, but I did like the pose and all, so I though I'd post it up anyways.
I found Star Wars actually done all in ascii text and for fun you can check it out HERE


Craig said...

Nice work on the Han! I just discovered your site and have bookmarked it. Anyone who draws Jack Bauer, Bruce Lee and Rose McGowan is alright in my book -- especially if, like you, they're good at it!

ok said...

Another great drawrin'!