Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Meet Us At The Rendezvous!

poster art by: Mike Chavez
Well it's been awhile, but our band "The Drunks Of Hazzard" are gonna be spewing our al-kee-hol inspired, sophomoric tunes this Thursday March 8th at the Rendezvous' Jewelbox Theatre.
We're gonna have two other bands, "Chris Brockett and the Wasted Bullets" is a solo act, and "El Scorcho" is a Weezer cover band.
We've had some great shows at the Rendezvous, which has been totally renovated, but I remember one time we played we saw this super hot chick nearly fall on her ass, but a bum had helped grabbed her arm right before she hit the ground and pulled her up. However she was totally blitzed and she acted as if the bum saved her from falling into a hole filled with starved Rottweilers, and actually exclaimed " You saved me". The best part was she totally full on frenched the hell outta the bum to repay him for his good deed..The Breathalyzer test between those two mouths was probably a "point 30"..good Times
So if you can stay up a bit late on a school night, then bring 3 bucks and your best drinking duds!

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