Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Milt Kahl Hands

pics from click images to enlarge

I've been busy doing some animation for the Beefcakes blog, so I haven't been able to get a new sketch to post up. One of the toughest things about drawing characters has got to be hands, but luckily with all art, there is usually someone who kicked ass at it, and whose work can be learned from.

For animation the best reference for hands is found in the work from the artist above, Disney animator Milt Kahl. Kahl was considered one of the best draughtsman at the Disney studio, and in one instance "The Sword in the Stone" director Woolie Reitherman saw Milt's first rough drawings of Merlin the magician and Madame Medusa, he reportedly turned to Milt and said, "These things look so beautiful, they could hang in a museum" to which, Milt responded with a characteristic "Aw...You're full of it!"

So enjoy the above pics, save them and learn from them. I have the pencil versions, and am constantly using them for reference. Gotta learn from da Masters!

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dintoons said...

el snoozo, thanx so much for posting these hands by milt kahl!!
they are simply brilliant in their simplicity and expressiveness!!

just today i was struggling with drawing hands... and most of my efforts were pretty depressing... though once in a while i seemed to get 'em right... i've just started on burne hogarth's 'drawing hands' book, which seems to be a goldmine on the subject... guess it takes lots of practice practice practice to get to the level of those in his amazing book...

thanx again, :o)