Thursday, April 05, 2007

Inspiration Thursday:Warner Brothers Backgrounds

all images are copyright of Warner Bros...So don't sue my ass, I did pay for the book!

Figured I'd start a new post called "Inspiration Thursday" where I'll post either examples of art, blogs, books or animation that I have used as reference and inspiration as an animator and artist.

Gonna kick it off with these amazing backgrounds from various Looney Tune cartoons. These images I have been studying these for some background sketches ( which I'll post soon) that I have been concepting out. They come from the "Draw the Looney Tunes" book, and believe me there are a tone more like it.

What I really liked about these pieces was how they follow all the perspective rules ( as seen in the 1st pic ), and yet they still added their own unique angles in the details to keep it from looking to rigid. Also the dimension that some elements have, mixed with flat almost billboard like objects as well. Also the colors to convey a mood, as seen in the 2nd pic is just like the artistic lighting that films use.

So enjoy the work of the "masters" and hopefully I'll post my stylized "titty bar" soon.

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