Thursday, April 26, 2007


Sorry haven't posted in awhile, but been busy, busy. I am on a new project at work, and one of the reasons is because one talented animator and good friend of mine Jason Newkirk a.k.a "Notorious Newsquirt" is leaving Amaze after 10 years!

You can go ahead and read about the awesome opportunity he is leaving for at his blog by clicking HERE

As a proper sendoff we decided to do up a caricature as a CD cover, and frame it with a gold CD, like some big time recording artist. It is a great play, because Jason loves music, and he loves all types of hip-hop. So I went on ahead and drew him up, rocking the Mickey Mouse boxers and the animation disc chain.

Newk and I along with two other artists shared an office 10 years ago when Amaze first started, and it was a great time, we had one CD player in our office and we'd pick a CD and we'd all listen to it...Jason had eclectic tastes, from "Zony Mash" all the way to Michael Bolton's "Secret Passion" opera CD, and even throwing in "John Tesh" for a round ( and I think each of those CD's were only played once ). All in all, he is a good guy, and in 10 years there have been a hell of a lot of laughs, late night crunches, and good times.


Newsquirt said...

You're totally too kind! sir are the greatest! an honest pleasure to get to know and to work with such an amazing person as yourself. Your talent is phenomenal, and truely gifted. I look up to you a ton dude. Not only in your art. You're one hell of a funny dude, and I love that about you. You've got it all man. Honestly like a bro to me dude! I will miss you very much and it really means the world all you did the last week for me at Amaze. Truely. Im forever a fan and friend. I will always treasure all the great, great memories. There really are so so many to list here. Anything I can ever do, please dont ever hesitate. I truely wish you the best of luck in everything you do...Not like you need the luck bro you're star is bright and will shine anywhere and whatever you are doing. Not that this is the end by any means. I hope to one day work beside you again some day somewhere. An honest true friend. You dont find many of them, and you're one. Forever bro. You're gonna be a great father too, I can see it! One thing Im going to totally miss out seeing in person.

much love (too much sap huh) pour some more sauce on that! werd!

unknown said...

Ah yes, it's all coming back to me now... the days of sharing a stereo. I remember the John Tesh, the Bolton, Frank Sinatra, Earth Wind and Fire (which still lingers just on the edge of all my nightmares), the Tragically Hip and how Snoozo hated them so but never once complained, Tupac whom I thought I hated but soon realized how amazingly talented he really was, Zony Mash... the list goes on and on. It was a unique situation, a one of a kind job with a couple of one of kind fellers. You could never reproduce that situation if you tried. We had a lot of freedom and good times like all day Quake games, a full drum set in a certain cubicle, completely empting out our co-workers cubicle while he was at a meeting and making him cry… There is no question why 10 years flew by like it was 5. Newsquirt leaving marks the end of a decade, and brings all of these fond memories back and I realize how I miss those crazy early days and working with the both of you. But change is good and necessary, so here’s to the future guys! The very best of luck to you Newsquirt in your new life, you deserve all the positive and exciting changes in front of you.