Monday, May 21, 2007

Inspiration Monday: The Dover Boys

The weekly "Inspiration Thurday" is hella late this week, so it got kicked to Monday..I don't think my 3 regular readers are in any uproar over it, but deadlines and such got in the way.
Anyway animation is such a quick process, and in animation there are many techniques that take place in that 1/24th of a second to fool that you never really notice..One of them is the Blur.

One of my animation teachers Doug Compton showed us this great Warner Brothers cartoon called the "Dover Boys Of Pimento University", check it out:

After watching it, we went back on a few scenes and he went frame-by-frame on the old 4 Head VCR ( we're talking 1993 here) and we saw some of the images below ( which happens at 3:29 in the cartoon)

We were all pretty awed, as you never really focused on these crazy frames, but they are all over the film, and in many other ( especially Warners) cartoons.
When I worked on 2D games, I would use blurs for toony action, as it gave a good look, and cut down on the number of frames you would have to draw, in the 3D games I've worked on, we were able to get this effect in some of the anims we did for "Over The Hedge" PSP, especially with the speedy hamster Hammy. So it is definitely something that can be used for animation of all mediums.


Newsquirt said...

so cool to see this toon. Love the old warner stuff. This one def sells the blurs! hah

Ill always remember some of those blurs in all the 2d stuff we did..too much fun. Wade Cook baby! haha

daniel huertas said...

hi there.. i was searching the web to check the names of the awsome animators who worked in all hammy's shots in over the hedge movie and i wanted to know if you are one of them... or you could tell me who was the lead animator or director in those shots i am trying to climb the next level in character animation and i keep myself busy learning more and having inspiration from awsome animators... i hope you can drop me a line on my website or mail

thanx and keep up the awsome work!

daniel huertas