Monday, May 07, 2007


It's been a lil bit since I've posted, and a weekend has come and gone. The big deal this weekend was that "Spider-Man 3" opened up, and it made ass-loads of cash. I haven't seen it yet, mainly because this weekend was also was Cinco De Mayo, so I was too busy drinking Tecate's and eating fried foods lathered in cheese, which made my Spidey-Sense tingle all the way to the Banjo!
Even though some friends of mine said it was "alright" I still plan on catching it next weekend, and hopefully at IMAX...But until then I did up a sketch of ol' Spidey, which was actually a lot of fun, as he lends himself to awesome animated poses..As much as Spidey has been in movies and media, my first and fondest memory of the "Wall Crawler" was when he appeared on "The Electric Company". Web sling your way down memory lane HERE


ok said...

Great drawing! Yes, Spidey was the best part of the Electric Company. They should have done the movies like that to. The silent spidey with the thought bubbles and the, Waaaeeeaaawww!!! bit.

Newsquirt said...

Sweet sketch Toe!

Tony Gaddis said...

Good Stuff.

Keath007 said...

Great sketch!