Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Don Bluth Interview

Newsarama has posted a pretty good interview with "Secret of Nimh" and former Disney animator Don Bluth. He has kind of retired from animation after the debacle of " Titan A.E" that he headed up at the late Fox Animation. He has some interesting things to say:
About some of Disney's "9 Old Men"
"What we noticed that the 9 Old Men who were still there were instructed to teach us their techniques and different things they had learned over the years. That way we could continue the Disney way. Well, I’m not sure they really wanted to do that. Many times we would ask them questions and they ‘couldn't remember’ how they did it."
On the abundance of 3D animation
"It’s also caused a lot of people to enter the animation industry who can not draw. Now they’ve become puppeteers. With CGI it’s a puppet inside the machine. All you have to be able to do is move it. The curse is we are losing a beautiful art form that many people still love. "
It's a really great read, and he still has real passion for the business as an art form, although as a 3D animator who transitioned from 2D his whole " all ya gotta do is know how to move it around" atatement comes from someone who has never animated on a computer...Also he suggests the one "dream project" he'd come out of retirement for.
Read the article in it's entirety HERE

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mmmmm...Sketch and color him I will

Been heads down on our latest PSP title as well as ramping up for a new project, but I've been trying to get this lil' piece done in between. It's of course Yoda, and I haven't finished the full color, but wanted to post up the progress I've made...In reality just like Luke gave up trying to lift that X-Wing out of the Dagobah swamp, I might do the same with this.
OK, I've had discussions with my fellow geeks on this point, but didn't it seem that Today went from using his "backward speech" only slightly in "The Empire Strikes Back" to every single damn sentence in the prequels?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Peanuts & Crackerjacks

This was a concept sketch I did for a baseball title, so being it's baseball season and it's in full swing, I threw some color in it and decided to throw it on up here. By the way, the inks done on this piece were by Jeff Willis, who is without doubt a 4-star kick ass artist.

I'm a pretty huge fan of baseball and my team in the Yankees..Yes, I've heard all the "big money" talk and everything, but it IS a Yankee-Nation and everyone else just lives in it. The Yanks are staring to turn things around it seems, and hopefully can get into the playoffs this year, Clemens is back, A-Rod is getting getting caught hitting on chicks, but he's also hitting balls outta the park, and Jeter just keeps increasing the value of that rookie card I own..Just need to know if I'm gonna fork over money for the kid's future college fund, or buy myself a trip to see the Yanks play in the World Series once.

I live in Seattle, but I was born and raised in Jersey so the Yankees are like religion. I light a votive candle for Saint Anthony and one for Lou Gherig ( Catholics know what I mean). Now anyone who knows baseball knows about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, and that's why it darn near baffled me when Democratic Presidential hopeful, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico said on "Meet The Press" that he had loyalty to both the Yankees AND the Red Sox...?!?!..There are constants in the Universe, and that statement goes against the very sands of time. Only a politician trying to get every vote he can would even try to say that with a straight face..Oh he also said that he liked Pepsi AND Coke, Harley's AND Suzuki's as well as Sean Connery AND Roger Moore.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Look Ma...More Lifedrawing

Here is another lifedrawing, and yes ladies we don't just draw nekkid women, but also dudes..And yes, they're nekkid too. . I had a male model in class who was a dead ringer for old Saint Nick, ( he didn't have a sack full o' toys, but indeed had a sack ) and I'll scan it in...Maybe even make it my Christmas card this year.
I know. " Too Much Info" but here is one of the sketches I scanned, I went with a more gestural sketch and actually used charcoal for this. I usually as an animator always use pencil, but once in a blue, I will try something new and get some nice results.
Have a good weekend!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Lil' Lifedrawing

Went through and started to scan some of the lifedrawings from my portfolio and various sketch pads, so I'll start posting them up once in a blue.
I remember the first time I started doing life sketches in school and when I brought my sketchpad home, my uncle was like "They don't have any clothes" and I still hear that statement today whenever you talk about "nude" models.
I think the only other occupation that can relate to seeing a nekkid person in a professional context are doctors....I mean, don't get me wrong when an attractive girls walks in, your like "Wow, not bad" but then when that pencil hits the pad, your more concerned that you drew her feet like crap, then what her nipples look like.