Monday, June 04, 2007

Lil' Lifedrawing

Went through and started to scan some of the lifedrawings from my portfolio and various sketch pads, so I'll start posting them up once in a blue.
I remember the first time I started doing life sketches in school and when I brought my sketchpad home, my uncle was like "They don't have any clothes" and I still hear that statement today whenever you talk about "nude" models.
I think the only other occupation that can relate to seeing a nekkid person in a professional context are doctors....I mean, don't get me wrong when an attractive girls walks in, your like "Wow, not bad" but then when that pencil hits the pad, your more concerned that you drew her feet like crap, then what her nipples look like.


dintoons said...

lol, very insightful words, esp the last line!!

and wow, the girl is not bad at all..!!! :O

Keath007 said...

So true - I did my first life drawing class in college and was the envy of all my dorm mates ("you mean you get college credit for looking at naked girls?!?") but they never understood it was likely the least sexual atmosphere in the world.

Killer sketch too!

El Snoozo said...

din: If I remember right she wasn't half bad.She definitely didn't look like some of the waitresses you bump into at roadside bars, round 2AM..Fresh stitches and all.

keath: Thanks for the kudos! It is the least sexual atmosphere no doubt..I wish they didn't look at you funny when you brought your sketch pad to go-go bars.