Friday, June 08, 2007

Look Ma...More Lifedrawing

Here is another lifedrawing, and yes ladies we don't just draw nekkid women, but also dudes..And yes, they're nekkid too. . I had a male model in class who was a dead ringer for old Saint Nick, ( he didn't have a sack full o' toys, but indeed had a sack ) and I'll scan it in...Maybe even make it my Christmas card this year.
I know. " Too Much Info" but here is one of the sketches I scanned, I went with a more gestural sketch and actually used charcoal for this. I usually as an animator always use pencil, but once in a blue, I will try something new and get some nice results.
Have a good weekend!

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Keath007 said...

Ha ha - If you make those cards I might have to bribe my way onto the mailing list :) You'll have to send them out in those little plastic baggies with black bars like Playboy does.

I go to a Life Drawing group here in Tampa (bunch of artists chip in to hire a model) and there's a guy who has several piercings of the Prince Albert variety. Ouch!