Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Peanuts & Crackerjacks

This was a concept sketch I did for a baseball title, so being it's baseball season and it's in full swing, I threw some color in it and decided to throw it on up here. By the way, the inks done on this piece were by Jeff Willis, who is without doubt a 4-star kick ass artist.

I'm a pretty huge fan of baseball and my team in the Yankees..Yes, I've heard all the "big money" talk and everything, but it IS a Yankee-Nation and everyone else just lives in it. The Yanks are staring to turn things around it seems, and hopefully can get into the playoffs this year, Clemens is back, A-Rod is getting getting caught hitting on chicks, but he's also hitting balls outta the park, and Jeter just keeps increasing the value of that rookie card I own..Just need to know if I'm gonna fork over money for the kid's future college fund, or buy myself a trip to see the Yanks play in the World Series once.

I live in Seattle, but I was born and raised in Jersey so the Yankees are like religion. I light a votive candle for Saint Anthony and one for Lou Gherig ( Catholics know what I mean). Now anyone who knows baseball knows about the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry, and that's why it darn near baffled me when Democratic Presidential hopeful, Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico said on "Meet The Press" that he had loyalty to both the Yankees AND the Red Sox...?!?!..There are constants in the Universe, and that statement goes against the very sands of time. Only a politician trying to get every vote he can would even try to say that with a straight face..Oh he also said that he liked Pepsi AND Coke, Harley's AND Suzuki's as well as Sean Connery AND Roger Moore.

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plastic bandido said...

Nice shot dude!
I'm thinking that pic is a premonition of you in one of our future softball games. What we don't see is Harvey Keitel popping up behind you telling you to steal second... heh heh