Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blast From Da Past

Sorry for the lack of posts, but professional and personal life are at a fever pitch!...And I've been a lazy f*ck.

So anyway, the above clip is from our student film that we had completed for our final year at "The Joe Kubert School" in 1995 and it was called "Cruel-Tea".

All 5 of us who were in the Animation class worked on it over the course of 5 months, inbetween our normal class load. The school "semi-supported" the production in that they allowed us class time and that was about it. Our ink and paint method was to print out backgrounds on a copier and then trace and use white-out over the characters, or cut them out and paste them onto the Xerox backgrounds. Now THAT's old school!.

One of our teachers Sal Mallimo, (who actually got it onto YouTube) encouraged us to enter it into the ASIFA-East film festival, so we then went into New York City ( the school is in Jersey) and had added film post and sound. The guy who did our sound had an entire library of BETA tapes which we went through to see what would work.

We entered our film into the student category and it was the first time any class from our school was entered. We had competing films from both CalArts and SVA, so we just didn't wanna get ripped apart. They had the viewing at NYU film school and we watched all the films, and then ours game up. As it played we heard laughs and at the end all of us had a sigh of relief and as we were talking amongst ourselves a dude who sat in the front of us turned and said " Was that your guys' film?"..My bussy Bill replied that it was and he said " That was a fun, little cartoon..Good Job"....We later found out that that dude was kick-ass animator Bill Plympton, so we were stoked.

In the end we actually got 2nd place ( the film from CalArts got first...who knew?)and were pretty happy, but now when watching it after 13 years, we cringe at some timing we get unsettled at some of our key poses...But we still laugh when the Bear digs into the kids skull to grab his tongue.